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transition to school

Our philosophy at Lakeview is largely centred around supporting children to develop a passion for life long learning. 

We see our role as one to support the foundation skills and provide children with skills to transition through the various stages of their learning journey beyond their time with us. 

Ako space, our Transition to School programme is facilitated by the teaching team with a passion for extending children’s skills towards their move to more formal primary school learning. Ako Space incorporates early literacy and numeracy learning into learning experiences driven by children’s individual needs and interests. While our programme is largely play based to mirror current teaching practice in NZ schools at an entry level, children are also provided with a balance of more formalised learning. This includes some individual and collaborative group work in a dedicated  space specifically designed for our transition group. Ako Space focuses on skills such as writing, reading, early maths as well as physical skills such as fine motor control specific to supporting scissors skills an pencil control,  right through to social skills such as active listening, contributing ideas, turn taking and sharing of resources. Children have opportunities to access early readers to take home and share with families to build on phonemic awareness and familiarity of high frequency words.

Harnessing all our local community has to offer, our transition group uses the library, as well as Lake Pupuke and its surrounding park setting and Takapuna beach which provides our learners with rich and diverse learning opportunities. We are well known to our local Primary schools, who we work with to ensure strong reciprocal relationships to ensure our support systems for children and families moving on to school from us. 

As a teaching team, we are always so proud to see our children leave us, motivated, confident and ready for the challenges that await them in the next chapter of their learning journey.

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