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Child playing with blocks

our philosophy

  • We believe in a virtual circle – happy children, happy teachers, happy parents & whanau.

  • Our teachers love coming to work! We give our time enthusiastically. We have fun, a great sense of humour, enjoy the children in our care and are truly genuine in our approach. We offer diversity of personalities and teaching styles, but join together as a cohesive, dedicated, professional team. 


  • Our aim is to nurture and celebrate each unique child as they develop a passion for lifelong learning and assist each child on their journey towards this. 

  • We believe children’s holistic development is paramount. Their wellbeing and sense of belonging is the foundation of our environment and their future learning.


  • We encourage & support an environment where children feel confident and motivated to direct their own learning. We promote independence and self-help skills through stimulating and challenging learning experiences. 

  • We seek to create a community within Lakeview that is based on respect, trust, warmth, open communication & involvement. We value high levels of honesty and sensitivity to the children and families in our care, with an emphasis on inclusion & equality. 

  • Our environment will be inviting and encourage stimulating & challenging play spaces that will offer a broad range of learning experiences. 

  • We will role model respect and a sense of responsibility for ourselves, each other and the environment. 

  • We openly welcome children & families from different cultures and backgrounds and aim to reflect their aspirations & identity in our centre.

  • Our approach, designed for the child, will be based on intentional teaching, combining the child’s interests with teacher knowledge. Intentional teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to provide for and accommodate the range of ways that children learn. 

  • Our teaching philosophy follows the NZ Early Childhood Education Curriculum Te Whaariki. We believe children learn through a play-based approach. We believe learning is a reciprocal process where children will learn through both spontaneous & planned experiences.  

  • We believe it is our responsibility to create an environment, which honours the bicultural heritage of New Zealand and the principles of protection, partnership and participation inherent in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  

  • We support children through a positive guidance approach as they learn to deal with their own feelings and behaviours. 

  • We believe children thrive in a community where child accomplishment, teacher innovation and parent/whanau commitment and involvement are celebrated.  

  • We take pride in building strong collaborative relationships with family/whanau and celebrating our shared commitment to each child. 


  • We take pride in building strong collaborative relationships with family/whanau and celebrating our shared commitment to each child. 

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