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Here are just a few of our parents reviews from the past year...

angela simpson

Lakeview Private Kindergarten has been everything I could have wished for and more! You can feel the love and respect from the team as soon as you walk in the door. Our family has received an incredible amount of support to help our son reach his full potential. Creating new challenges, working to his strengths and identifying and developing those areas he needs to focus on for school readiness. They are hands on and great communicators. I know he is in safe hands with people who genuinely love what they do, in an environment that is ideal for busy children. They have become an extension of our family and I would personally recommend this facility to anyone.

lisa mc.liver

We have had 2 kids at Lakeview over the past 3-4 years and I cannot recommend it enough as a fabulous early childhood centre. The teaching staff not only provided a fun, safe and educational environment, but are all so warm and caring and made both kids feel happy to be there. In addition, I believe that the environment that they provided enabled both kids to have such great "school readiness". The advice and genuine care about each child allowed us to also make informed and valuable decisions to help our kids grow and develop.

emily powell

I cannot speak more highly of the staff and environment at Lakeview Private Kindergarten. My son stayed at home with me for 3 years so I was reluctant to send him to kindy. All of the staff at Lakeview were so supportive of this and accommodated our individual needs, and still do. My son now loves attending kindy and cant wait to go. The staff are all so lovely and as a parent we are kept up to date each week on what our child is doing during the day. I feel so happy that my son has fun at kindy and has a place where his learning/developmental needs are met, as well as his physical and emotional needs too.

anna godkin

We are so happy we chose Lakeview Kindy for our daughter. She started earlier this year, just after her 2nd birthday, and settled in straight away. The wonderful teachers at Lakeview are very warm and caring, and have been so welcoming to us. Each day they have a variety of different activities set up for the kids and they really encourage learning opportunities and social development. We love the learning stories and photos that we receive, and the teachers are great at filling us in on what our daughter gets up to there. We would highly recommend Lakeview Kindy!

wonhee kang

I have 2 kids, one had graduated from here to school and the other is still staying happliy at this kindergarten. There are many families like me.

What I’m most satisfied with is teachers. The staffs are very friendly and reliable. They are all welcoming with smiles every morning and always ready to cuddle when my daughter is sad. Even relievers I met here are very nice. And I also highly recommend the phonics class. For my first daughter, It was definitely effective and helpful to her first year at primary school life.

sophie patel

We cannot recommend Lakeview highly enough. As an expat family we felt so grateful to be treated with genuine interest and kindness from day one. There was never any doubt that every staff member was professional - but they frequently went well beyond this, asking questions, sharing anecdotes and showing genuine interest in our family. Every day the children seem happy, stimulated, safe yet free - cooking, painting, exploring, dressing up, raising chicks and dancing in their special home away from home. We won't forget you, Michelle and team!

mandy holten

Lakeview Kindergarten has a great team of teachers that always are well organised, friendly and welcoming. They have a great mix of free play and structure learning that has catered really well to my three very different children. They also have some great kindy events like the Christmas show and mothers/fathers day events which are always lots of fun. I would not hesitate to recommend them as I have always felt my kids are well looked after and they always come home happy and tired.

shanade naylor

My child has been so well supported throughout her time here and I feel like her attitude and readiness towards school is all thanks to this awesome place. I have nothing but good words to say about this kindergarten and highly recommend it!

stacey hart

My daughter has been going to Lakeview Private Kindergarten for over a year and loves it. The teachers are wonderful and are all very caring and fantastic at their jobs and they communicate well to me about my child. I love that there is lots of activities to choose from each day from inside to outside. My daughter leaves kindy happy and tired and really enjoys each day, which therefore makes me happy. Michelle the owner runs a fantastic centre and I cannot recommend Lakeview Private Kindergarten more highly.

vera santos

I would recommend Lakeview Private Kindergarten for it has an engaging and interactive environment that piques the interests of the little ones. The teachers are kind and attentive to both parents' and children's needs and concerns.

sarah morgan

My daughter started at Lakeview almost a year ago and has loved it. She settled in quickly and really enjoys going. The staff are friendly and seem to genuinely like their jobs and the kids. The premises has a nice big outdoor play area and there is always a range of activities for the kids.

james wilson

Can’t speak highly enough of Lakeview Kindy & the fantastic staff there. Both our kids love going there. We’re especially impressed with the phonics reading and writing programme.

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