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curriculum & Planning

Our programme follows the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki and our approach is largely play-based, interspersed with opportunities to enjoy routines such as shared group times for mealtimes, music and movement and story sharing mat times. As a mixed-aged centre, these routine times are just as vital as the free play aspect of our programme, as children learn from each other much like a home setting where siblings are together. 

At Lakeview the freedom to explore using a variety of resources and both planned and spontaneous experiences, children have genuine and authentic opportunities to learn and develop lifelong skills. This freedom is supported by carefully refined teacher-led learning to extend and challenge children.

This balanced approach fosters each child’s interests, coupled with the knowledge of our wider learning community made up of our teachers and families to ensure each child leaves us motivated, self-directed and with a strong sense of self-confidence ready to embark on a continuous learning journey.

Every aspect of our programme reflects our strong belief that children are highly capable leaders of their own unique learning journeys. 

Our centre planning follows children’s interests, evolving organically through contributions from the children themselves, teachers and families. Planning is shared through our in-centre online portal “Educa” where children all have their own portfolios and can also access information about group learning throughout the wider centre. While teachers all contribute to children’s portfolios, each child will have a specific teacher who works with both them and their family, ensuring goals and aspirations are nurtured and communication and support networks for the entire family are strong.

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