Curriculum and Planning


The programme we run is child-initiated, based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whāriki. The programme is designed to encourage children to become independent learners. Children have the opportunity to participate in exploratory, creative, constructive, dramatic play, manipulative, physical, social, communicative, musical and problem solving activities.

The emphasis is on the process of learning and not the end product. Children develop knowledge, concepts and skills at their own pace, and in contexts that are meaningful to them. Most importantly, they also develop an enthusiasm for learning, and the skills and attitudes fundamental to successful learning throughout their lives. Within our programme we encourage children to acquire the skills they need to assist their transition to school.

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All of our staff are actively involved in the centres curriculum planning. We plan for activities through the ‘noticing, recognising and responding ‘approach with the intent to extend each child’s learning and development encompassing the children’s individual interests and strengths and underpinning the five strands of Te Whāriki.

A specific teacher will be allocated to your child and be responsible for observing the learning that occurs and extending your child further. This learning will be documented in your child’s portfolio. All teachers are able to talk informatively about your child’s development, however the specific teacher responsible for your child’s portfolio will know them more closely and are excellent for more detailed discussion about your child and their learning.

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