Things to Know


We strongly suggest you come and visit our lovely centre, to experience the environment and discuss your individual needs. After visiting our centre and meeting our team we are sure you will want to enrol your child. We encourage you to enrol your child as early as possible to secure a space as spaces can become very limited. The enrolment process is simple to complete and we will do this with you.

To put your name on the wait list is free, however once you are offered and accept a space a $60 non-refundable enrollment fee is required to secure your space.

Starting Kindergarten

We acknowledge that all children are different and will vary in length of time they take to settle and stay alone at kindergarten. It is important to stay in close contact with the Supervisor in these early stages of kindy to check how your child is settling. At a minimum, the week prior to commencement you are required to spend an hour over two different sessions with your child at kindy. This is free of charge. Once officially started we encourage parents to leave their child, if appropriate, for the next session for approximately an hour. We will ring you if there are any concerns and encourage parents to do so as well for peace of mind. To start with we recommend shorter session times until it is decided by all involved that the child is ready to progress to full sessions, however we will work with you to fit into your work schedule and personal commitments.


We communicate regularly with our families, via a number of methods. A monthly newsletter provides updates on centre happenings and important dates.

On a daily basis we have a diary outlining what your child has experienced that day, which is a great tool for chatting with your child about their day.

We have regular parent evenings, offering parents a chance to socialise and meet other parents. Plus whole family events such as picnics in the local area, movie nights, fish n chip evenings etc.


Children have their own learning and development portfolio. These are the property of the child and we encourage families to contribute to the content of these, as well as the professional documentation the teachers will include. Portfolios can be taken home and shared with family and are a very special history of your child’s time with us.


We do not supply meals as we strongly believe a lunchbox environment helps enormously in the transition to school. By 5 years your child will already be used to this routine at kindergarten and will have developed strong levels of independence and self help skills.

Please ensure your child brings a named lunchbox and drink bottle, for water. We appreciate it if you can supply healthy food rather than sugary, processed items as this encourages healthy food attitudes. We have a strict no sharing food policy amongst the children to avoid allergy contamination issues.

Our Information Sheet, has more detailed centre information.

Click here to download Information Sheet