Testimonials Lakeview Kindy

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Lakeview Kindergarten as I am one of its biggest fans. My three children have all attended Lakeview over the past six years and during that time I have always found the centre and staff to be outstanding. However it was when we were forced for geographic reasons to send one of our kids to another centre that we really realised how fantastic Lakeview was. All the staff are so friendly and interested in the children. Every day when I pick them up I get an update on what they have been doing, what sort of day they’ve had and if there are any issues they are always bought to my attention immediately (dealing with the biter was trying for us all, but we got there). It was a major shock to go elsewhere and just have my child passed back to me at the end of the session with no comment and also to realise that after a year I didn’t even know the names of the staff there. My school age children still love to go back and see their favourite Lakeview teachers.

Lakeview’s early education and reading program gave our kids a great start at school. Knowing all their letter sounds meant reading came easily and they have all flourished. Lakeview also goes the extra mile in picking up on the children’s interests and turning them into educational opportunities. I loved the time one of the teachers went on a cruise. She must have been very surprised to come back and find the children had all followed her trip, creating a giant cruise ship and learning about the countries she had visited. My other favourite was the time they studied France and got to squash grapes to make juice with their feet!

In conclusion I would recommend Lakeview Kindergarten to any one looking for quality, well resourced childcare with top-notch staff who will love and nurture your child. I should note here that I think it’s so good I continued driving across the bridge to go there for five years after we left Takapuna.

Andrea Jacobson, mum of Max, Ella & Lucy

 I would like to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff at Lakeview - it’s the first time I have had my child in a daycare where I have been 100% happy with everything. I had an experience with my older child Ryan and I have to say it put my off for a few years but now my faith has been restored. Josh is developing constantly and is so happy at your daycare. In fact often he is saying oh, do I have to come home! (bit of a worry!!!!!!! :))

I really appreciate the fact that when we come in the mornings we are always greeted with smiles and good mornings from all of the staff. Also, I was especially happy that Lynn came up to me to introduce herself and tell me she would be looking after Joshy's profile and if I had anything to discuss with her to let her know. I like the fact that you are continually working on different projects and have so many activities for the kids.

Jodie Salle, mum of Joshua

We are delighted to share our appreciation to Lake view Kindergarten with you. Our daughter, Huia arrived to Lake View a year & a half ago. Our experience with Lake view has been positive all along, from the minute we were introduced to kindy by a family member who highly recommended the centre. They were absolutely right. This is a wonderful daycare & the kids receive the best education, love & care they can get in this age.

Huia is always happy to go to Lakeview & finds it hard to leave sometimes at the end of the day. She is always excited to walk in & would have been happy to stay longer if there was an option after pm:-) It’s amazing to see how the kids are always occupied till the last minute with so much care, reading, playing or singing. The kids are constantly engaged in creative activities, handcrafts and the school is decorated with their beautiful creative art work. The kids share a very relaxed, calm environment with structure, discipline & manners.We appreciate the cultural values & the dedication to indigenous Maori culture & traditions. We are very happy with Huia’s writing & reading progress & feel she will be ready for school next year.

The teachers in Lakeview are always friendly & smiley. They fill us in with details about Huia’s day, every day, which makes us feel part of the centre & not just carers. Whenever we arrive, we are always asked about our day or how we feel & find the staff very professional & dedicated to their work & the kids. They are always up to date with the latest research & information.

As parents we are updated regularly via emails & newsletters, which allows us to communicate freely & in our own time.

We feel fortunate that our daughter is part of Lakeview.

Karin and Manu Bennett, parents of Huia

Our daughter Skyler attended Lakeview from 2008 till prior to attending school earlier this year and our son Riley has been attending from late 2010. We have been delighted with Lakeview and the caring, nurturing environment that is ever present at the centre. The balance between free and structured play, the low staff-child ratios, the small number of children overall and the flexibility of being open at school holidays makes this centre ideal for working parents and also those who want an alternative to public kindy.

The phonics system is amazing and set Skyler up for school brilliantly, giving her a great foundation as she could already read and write well, before starting school. The teachers take pride in developing a special relationship with the children and they are very aware of each child’s differing needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lakeview and have done so with many friends already…..

Shalini Anderson, mum of Skyler & Riley

Lakeview kindy for us offers the benefits of a school like environment (take your own lunch, manage your own school bag, etc), whilst also covering the longer hours to support working parents.

The friendly supportive environment offered at Lakeview means that children can learn and build their own independence before they face the whole new world of primary school.

Lakeview prepares them well, by also providing short spells of classroom time and a fantastic reading programme which means most leave kindy being able to confidently read an entry level book from cover to cover. Lakeview staff are very responsive and willing to help with any specific requirements when needed.

I would highly recommend Lakeview as a kindy that offers so much more than a traditional daycare and a richer experience than just a kindy.

Kathryn Carter, mum of Zane

I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the kindy since Imogen started in June. She has loved it from Day One and runs out the door on kindy days. She is so happy and learning so much (she started doing the haka at home the other day and holding a pen properly - all things she has picked up at kindy). Plus she sings the songs and talks about all her friends.... The teachers are all very caring and have been fantastic with assisting with toilet training. Toilet training at 2 3/4 years is still a journey rather than a 100% arrived at destination but kindy has really helped her along the way and now she takes herself at home, which is great when you are busy breastfeeding number 2!! The kindy has a caring and warm atmosphere - and relaxed - which I really like and value.

So in short you guys do a great job and I know things are only going to get better with the new outdoor playground etc. So you can put Murdoch's name down too - he won't be two until June 2013 but I have a feeling Lakeview is only going to get more popular!

Kate Forrester, mum of Imogen

One of the best decisions we ever made as parents was sending our daughter, Olivia, to Lakeview Kindergarten. Your wonderful teachers, your happy environment and fabulous phonics programme are the core ingredients, which make it such a top kindy.

It is with great sadness we bid you farewell but we know that Olivia couldn't be better prepared for school. She is already doing very well in her class with her reading and writing - which we largely credit to your phonics programme. Thanks for the wonderful memories we will treasure for a lifetime and look forward to Isabella starting in the not too distant future!

Charlotte & Jamie Hunt, parents of Olivia